How to Keep Other Members Free from Sickness When Someone in the Family Is

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So, you arrived at home with the flu. You start to worry that other members of the family will catch it. Although that can happen because you live in the same house and you interact with each other. But there are precautions you can take and actions you can do to help prevent the disease from spreading.  

Adults get colds about 2-4 times a year. A child can get twice that number. And there’s that risk of getting the flu every year. Here are some things you can do to help keep the disease from affecting other members of your family. 

  1. Handwashing 

Seems pretty simple but many people miss this memo. Handwashing is both your offense and defense against bacteria. Washing your hands regularly will kill the bacteria on contact as long as you use antibacterial soap, and prevent it from getting into your system. But also remember to wash your hands properly. Give your hands a good scrub and rub including areas in between the fingers and even nails as bacteria can be lodged there. You can sing nursery rhymes while washing as long as you hit the 1-2 minutes mark. 

  1. Keeping your hands to yourself 

Stop touching your face and every other part of your body if you know your hands are not sanitized. We tend to forget where our hands landed last and touch just about every part of our bodies without knowing. But this can be the cause of catching diseases. Our eyes, nose, lips, and the presence of the tiniest scratch on our skin are a good entryway for germs to enter the body. 

  1. Not sneezing on your hands 

We should contain what we sneeze as much as we can, yes, but not with bare hands. A handkerchief or mask is most acceptable. If you don’t have it with you when you’re about to sneeze, let it out on your elbow or inside your shirt or upper clothing. Your elbows cannot touch everything unlike your hands can, and your clothing will help contain the germs.  

  1. Always disinfecting 

If the closest sink to you is still far away, then always keep a hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, or antibacterial wipes with you when you know you are sick. And of course, don’t throw the wipes everywhere or you’ll spread the germs more quickly than trying to contain it. 

  1. Having the vents thoroughly cleaned 

Not many people realize this but clean air duct and dryer vents will help protect the family from getting a disease, allergies, and other conditions that might worsen an already existing one, or affect others that are not yet infected. Uncleaned vents lodge dirt build-up, molds, bacteria, allergens, and many more. Nobody wants that near them let alone be with them.  

Having a clean and safe environment for everyone is one of the most important investments you can get your family. And dryer vent cleaning Las Vegas will help you achieve it. 

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